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Slick2D Game Development 0

Slick2D Game Development

Most of the game development enthusiasts are ‘tinkerers’-people who are good at programming and know a lot about programming methods; however, they may have never written a complete game program, but would like to know how...

Ouya Unity Game Development 0

Ouya Unity Game Development

Ouya is a microconsole running its own version of the Android operating system. The console features an exclusive Ouya store for applications and games designed specifically for the Ouya platform. It runs a modified version of...

LÖVE for Lua Game Programming 0

LÖVE for Lua Game Programming

LÖVE is a game development framework for making 2D games using the Lua programming language. LÖVE is totally free, and can be used in anything from friendly open-source hobby projects, to closed-source commercial ones. Using the...

Unity for Architectural Visualization 0

Unity for Architectural Visualization

Architects have always relied on drawings, renderings, and sometimes even movies to present their design concepts to clients, contractors, and other stakeholders. The accessibility of current game engines provides new and exciting possibilities to turn any...