Category: Computer Science

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Quotient Space Based Problem Solving 0

Quotient Space Based Problem Solving

Quotient Space Based Problem Solving: A Theoretical Foundation of Granular Computing Research results obtained by the authors form the basis of this volume. The motivation behind this research is the belief that more human-like characteristics in...

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition 0

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Plan recognition, activity recognition, and intent recognition together combine and unify techniques from user modeling, machine vision, intelligent user interfaces, human/computer interaction, autonomous and multi-agent systems, natural language understanding, and machine learning. Plan, Activity, and Intent...

In Silico 0

In Silico

In Silico introduces Maya programming into one of the most fascinating application areas of 3D graphics: biological visualization. In five building-block tutorials, this book prepares animators to work with visualization problems in cell biology. The book...

The Mikado Method 0

The Mikado Method

The Mikado Method is a book written by the creators of this process. It describes a pragmatic, straightforward, and empirical method to plan and perform non-trivial technical improvements on an existing software system. The method has...

Thinking with Data 0

Thinking with Data

Many analysts are too concerned with tools and techniques for cleansing, modeling, and visualizing datasets and not concerned enough with asking the right questions. In this practical guide, data strategy consultant Max Shron shows you how...