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Machine Learning with R 0

Machine Learning with R

Machine learning, at its core, is concerned with transforming data into actionable knowledge. This fact makes machine learning well-suited to the present-day era of “big data” and “data science”. Given the growing prominence of R—a cross-platform,...

Implementing OpenShift 0

Implementing OpenShift

Gone are the days of having to provision hardware, deploy, and manage an entire environment just to write code for the next big idea, project, or custom web application. A Platform-as-a-Service cloud aims to fulfill this...

VMware vCloud Director Cookbook 0

VMware vCloud Director Cookbook

VMware vCloud Director is an enterprise software solution that enables the building of secure, private clouds by pooling together infrastructure resources into virtual data centers. The tool enables self-service via a web interface to reduce the...

VMware vCloud Security 0

VMware vCloud Security

Security is a major concern, in particular now that everything is moving to the cloud. A private cloud is a cloud computing platform built on your own hardware and software. The alternative is to deploy the...

Visualforce Development Cookbook 0

Visualforce Development Cookbook

Visualforce, in conjunction with Apex, makes it easy to develop sophisticated, custom UIs for desktop and mobile apps without having to write thousands of lines of code and markup. The “Dynamic Binding” feature of Visualforce...

Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud 0

Getting Started with Oracle Public Cloud

After the emergence of Cloud computing, most commercial applications either migrated or are the candidates to be migrated to the cloud. All big players in the market are providing their cloud services to consumers and Oracle...

Learning AWS OpsWorks 0

Learning AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks is a DevOps cloud management solution from Amazon Web Services. The OpsWorks web service works in concert with AWS resources and provides a template-driven approach to automated scaling. Learning AWS OpsWorks is a practical...