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Take Control of Your Online Privacy 0

Take Control of Your Online Privacy

Learn what’s private online (not much)–and what to do about it! Updated March 19, 2014 Do you have anything to hide? Whether or not you think you do, your online activities are certainly tracked — and...

Take Control of Apple TV 0

Take Control of Apple TV

Everything you need to know about the Apple TV! The Apple TV may be the smallest component of a home entertainment system, but its size is in stark contrast to the vast quantity of content that...

Take Control of Apple Mail 0

Take Control of Apple Mail

Master Mail in Mavericks and iOS 7! Email is essential for everything from work to shopping to keeping in touch with family. Could you get anything done without it? In this book, email expert Joe Kissell...

Oracle APEX Cookbook, 2nd Edition 0

Oracle APEX Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a powerful, productive tool that helps you create modern web applications. The goal is to make everything declarative so the developer can reduce the amount of coding. With the jQuery mobile...

Slick2D Game Development 0

Slick2D Game Development

Most of the game development enthusiasts are ‘tinkerers’-people who are good at programming and know a lot about programming methods; however, they may have never written a complete game program, but would like to know how...

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI 0

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI

JavaScript applications provide an excellent user experience for small to large scale enterprise applications. The amazing growth of JavaScript has opened the door for many great libraries such as DHTMLX. “Learning DHTMLX Suite UI” will teach...