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XML and InDesign 0

XML and InDesign

Discover the power of XML publishing with InDesign, and create content for multiple applications—including digital-first publishing workflows. With this book, XML evangelist Dorothy Hoskins teaches you several techniques for working with the built-in XML capabilities of...

Beginning XML, 5th Edition 0

Beginning XML, 5th Edition

A complete update covering the many advances to the XML language The XML language has become the standard for writing documents on the Internet and is constantly improving and evolving. This new edition covers all the...

Resource-Oriented Computing with NetKernel 0

Resource-Oriented Computing with NetKernel

Take resource-oriented computing out for a spin with this hands-on introduction to NetKernel, and discover how ROC can improve the way you design and implement software and software systems. Learn how ROC’s new approach combines core...

IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook 0

IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Application Developer Cookbook

With lots of new features, DB2 9.7 delivers one the best relational database systems in the market. DB2 pureXML optimizes Web 2.0 and SOA applications. DB2 LUW database software offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability...

Spring Web Services 2 Cookbook 0

Spring Web Services 2 Cookbook

Spring Web Services is a product of the Spring community focused on creating document-driven Web services. Spring Web Services aims to facilitate contract-first SOAP service development, allowing for the creation of flexible web services using one...

The Book of JavaScript, 2nd Edition 0

The Book of JavaScript, 2nd Edition

With JavaScript, you can add interactivity, animation, and other tricks to your web pages quickly. But this isn’t just a book of scripts for you to cut and paste into your HTML, only to find out...

Web Standards 0

Web Standards

Web Standards: Mastering HTML5, CSS3, and XML provides solutions to the most common website problems, and gives you a deep understanding of web standards and how they can be applied to improve your website. You will...

DITA Best Practices 0

DITA Best Practices

The Start-to-Finish, Best-Practice Guide to Implementing and Using DITA  Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is today’s most powerful toolbox for constructing information. By implementing DITA, organizations can gain more value from their technical documentation than ever...