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Learning Google Guice 0

Learning Google Guice

Google Guice is an open source software framework for the Java platform released by Google under the Apache License. It provides support for dependency injection using annotations to configure Java objects. Learning Google Guice is a...

SproutCore Web Application Development 0

SproutCore Web Application Development

SproutCore is a framework that exists to allow developers to deliver on the promise of the Web with more than just simple attractive demos, but with complex software and remarkable user experiences. SproutCore’s creators recognized early...

Lift Application Development Cookbook 0

Lift Application Development Cookbook

Developing secure web applications is one of the most important tasks developers have to deal with. With Lift, it is easy to create solid and formidable web applications as it is the most secure web framework...

Visualforce Development Cookbook 0

Visualforce Development Cookbook

Visualforce, in conjunction with Apex, makes it easy to develop sophisticated, custom UIs for desktop and mobile apps without having to write thousands of lines of code and markup. The “Dynamic Binding” feature of Visualforce...