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Introduction to Cyber-Warfare 0

Introduction to Cyber-Warfare

Cyber Warfare has become a global problem threatening governments, corporations and individuals. This new domain of warfare is not only inhabited by governments such as China, Russia, Iran, and the United States, but a variety of...

Practical Anonymity 0

Practical Anonymity

For those with legitimate reason to use the Internet anonymously–diplomats, military and other government agencies, journalists, political activists, IT professionals, law enforcement personnel, political refugees and others–anonymous networking provides an invaluable tool, and many good reasons...

Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security 0

Hands-On Oracle Application Express Security

An example-driven approach to securing Oracle APEX applications As a Rapid Application Development framework, Oracle Application Express (APEX) allows websites to easily be created based on data within an Oracle database. Using only a web browser,...

Expert Oracle Application Express Security 0

Expert Oracle Application Express Security

Expert Oracle Application Express Security covers all facets of security related to Oracle Application Express (APEX) development.  From basic settings that can enhance security, to preventing SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting attacks, Expert Oracle Application...

Linux Malware Incident Response 0

Linux Malware Incident Response

Linux Malware Incident Response is a “first look” at the Malware Forensics Field Guide for Linux Systems, exhibiting the first steps in investigating Linux-based incidents. The Syngress Digital Forensics Field Guides series includes companions for any...