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Python Geospatial Development 0

Python Geospatial Development

Open Source GIS (Geographic Information System) is a growing area with the explosion of applications such as Google Maps, Google Earth, and GPS. The GIS market is growing rapidly and as a Python developer you will...

Using JRuby: Bringing Ruby to Java 0

Using JRuby: Bringing Ruby to Java

In Using JRuby you’ll venture into the wide world of open-source Ruby and Java libraries. Write Ruby on Rails web applications that run on Java servers like Tomcat. Use Java’s JDBC or Hibernate to easily connect...

Programming Python, 4th Edition 6

Programming Python, 4th Edition

 If you’ve mastered Python’s fundamentals, you’re ready to start using it to get real work done. Programming Python will show you how, with in-depth tutorials on the language’s primary application domains: system administration, GUIs, and...

The Rails 3 Way, 2nd Edition 1

The Rails 3 Way, 2nd Edition

Ruby on Rails strips complexity from the development process, enabling professional developers to focus on what matters most: delivering business value via clean and maintainable code. The Rails™ 3 Way is the only comprehensive, authoritative guide...