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RubyMotion 0


Developers interested in native iOS app development have been restricted to the limits of Objective-C and Xcode—until RubyMotion came along. RubyMotion enables you do full iOS development using Ruby. You have access to familiar tools such...

Jump Start Sinatra 4

Jump Start Sinatra

This short book provides readers with a fun and yet practical introduction to Sinatra, a framework that makes web development with Ruby extremely simple. It’s not intended to be a completely comprehensive guide to the framework...

The Definitive Guide to Grails 2 0

The Definitive Guide to Grails 2

Grails is a full stack framework which aims to greatly simplify the task of building serious web applications for the JVM. The concepts within Grails, like interceptors, tag libs, and Groovy Server Pages (GSP), make those...

JRuby Cookbook 0

JRuby Cookbook

If you’re interested in JRuby, you probably don’t need a turorial on Ruby, Rails, or Java — you just need to know how to get things done. This Cookbook offers practical solutions for using the Java...

SciPy and NumPy 0

SciPy and NumPy

Want to learn SciPy and NymPy quickly? Cut through the complexity of online documentation with this concise and illustrated book, and discover how easily you can get up to speed with these Python libraries. You’ll understand...

NumPy Cookbook 5

NumPy Cookbook

Today’s world of science and technology is all about speed and flexibility. When it comes to scientific computing, NumPy is on the top of the list. NumPy will give you both speed and high productivity. “NumPy...