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Healthcare, Insurance, and You 0

Healthcare, Insurance, and You

Healthcare is changing and you need to know how—and what to do about it. Getting good medical care shouldn’t be so confusing—or so costly. Healthcare, Insurance, and You simplifies the many confusing details about our healthcare system so...

The Healthy Programmer 0

The Healthy Programmer

To keep doing what you love, you need to maintain your own systems, not just the ones you write code for. Regular exercise and proper nutrition help you learn, remember, concentrate, and be creative—skills critical to...

Design for Care 0

Design for Care

“This game-changing book helps unlock one of the most complex and intractable issues of our time. In a clear and insightful text, Peter Jones uses evocative human stories to illustrate where—and why—the systems of healthcare need...

Information Technology in Pharmacy 0

Information Technology in Pharmacy

Over the last 30-40 years, information technology (IT) has revolutionized professional life for millions of people around the world. IT has reduced the need for bulk storage of paper records by organizations, has enabled automation of...

The Information Diet 0

The Information Diet

The modern human animal spends upwards of 11 hours out of every 24 in a state of constant consumption. Not eating, but gorging on information ceaselessly spewed from the screens and speakers we hold dear. Just...

Making Sense of People 1

Making Sense of People

Leading neuroscientist Samuel Barondes shares scientific frameworks and tools for improving your intuitions about people, and sizing them up more consciously, systematically, and successfully. He shows how to use the latest research about personality and character...