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Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook 0

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook

Since their introduction to Unity, Shaders have been notoriously difficult to understand and implement in games: complex mathematics have always stood in the way of creating your own Shaders and attaining that level of realism you...

Unity 4.x Cookbook 0

Unity 4.x Cookbook

Covering the latest version (Unity 4) of this established game engine, the Unity 4.x Cookbook explores a wide range of 3D, animation, multimedia, and scripting game features. The power of Unity 4 is demonstrated through the...

HLSL Development Cookbook 0

HLSL Development Cookbook

3D graphics are becoming increasingly more realistic and sophisticated as the power of modern hardware improves. The High Level Shader Language (HLSL) allows you to harness the power of shaders within DirectX 11, so that you...

Corona SDK Hotshot 0

Corona SDK Hotshot

If you’ve used the Corona Software Development Kit to build your very first new mobile app, you already know how easy it makes developing across all the pieces of this fragmented market. This book upgrades your...

jQuery Game Development Essentials 0

jQuery Game Development Essentials

jQuery is a leading multi-browser JavaScript library that developers across the world utilize on a daily basis to help simplify client-side scripting. Using the friendly and powerful jQuery to create games based on DOM manipulations and...