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Mathematics and Its History, 3rd Edition 0

Mathematics and Its History, 3rd Edition

This book offers a collection of historical essays detailing a large variety of mathematical disciplines and issues; it’s accessible to a broad audience. This third edition includes new chapters on simple groups and new sections on...

Wireless Networking Based Control 0

Wireless Networking Based Control

Wireless Network Based Control‏ Due to advantages of encompassing mobility, reconfigurability, easy commissioning and spatio-temporal sensing, wireless networking is gaining significant momentum in several areas of application. And while the initial focus in wireless networking has...

Notes on Digital Signal Processing 2

Notes on Digital Signal Processing

The Most Complete, Modern, and Useful Collection of DSP Recipes: More Than 50 Practical Solutions and More than 30 Summaries of Pertinent Mathematical Concepts for Working Engineers Notes on Digital Signal Processing is a comprehensive, easy-to-use...

Building Wireless Sensor Networks 1

Building Wireless Sensor Networks

Get ready to create distributed sensor systems and intelligent interactive devices using the ZigBee wireless networking protocol and XBee radios. By the time you’re halfway through this fast-paced, hands-on guide, you’ll have built a series of...