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SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action 0

SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action

The integrity and security of your database is crucial to your business. SQL Server 2008 is a massive and mature product with a very large feature set. As a SQL Server administrator, you must be equipped...

The Language of SQL 8

The Language of SQL

Most SQL texts attempt to serve as an encyclopedic reference on SQL syntax — an approach that is counterproductive, since this information is readily available in online references published by the major database vendors. For SQL...

PHP & MySQL For Dummies, 4th Edition 0

PHP & MySQL For Dummies, 4th Edition

Here’s what Web designers need to know to create dynamic, database-driven Web sitesTo be on the cutting edge, Web sites need to serve up HTML, CSS, and products specific to the needs of different customers using...

Pro Oracle SQL 2

Pro Oracle SQL

Pro Oracle SQL unlocks the power of SQL in the Oracle Database—one of the most potent SQL implementations on the market today. To master it requires a three-pronged approach: learn the language features, learn the supporting...