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C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies 0

C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies

800+ pages of top-notch coverage; perfect for learning the fundamentals of C#! C# is a complex programming language for building .NET-connected software for Microsoft Windows, cloud computing, the Web, and a wide range of devices. Today’s...

C# in Depth, 3rd Edition 0

C# in Depth, 3rd Edition

C# in Depth, Third Edition updates the best-selling second edition to cover the new features of C# 5, including the challenges of writing maintainable asynchronous code. It preserves the uniquely insightful look into the tricky areas...

Windows Phone 8 Recipes 0

Windows Phone 8 Recipes

Windows Phone 8 Recipes is a problem-solution based guide to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Recipes are grouped according to features of the platform and ways of interacting with the device. Solutions are given in C#...

Cryptography in C and C++, 2nd Edition 0

Cryptography in C and C++, 2nd Edition

This book covers everything you need to know to write professional-level cryptographic code. This expanded, improved second edition includes about 100 pages of additional material as well as numerous improvements to the original text. The chapter about...

Moving from C to C++ 0

Moving from C to C++

The author says it best, “I hope to move you, a little at a time,from understanding C to the point where C++ becomes your mindset”. This remarkable book is designed to streamline the process of learning...

C++ Quick Syntax Reference 0

C++ Quick Syntax Reference

The C++ Quick Syntax Reference is a condensed code and syntax reference to the C++ programming language. It presents the essential C++ syntax in a well-organized format that can be used as a handy reference. You...