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Nanotechnology Safety

Nanotechnology is a new and emerging discipline that is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. The usage of nanosystems, nanomaterials, nano-devices, etc. permeates all aspects of society. Cancer targeting and curing nanosystems are being introduced into the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries; so are lightweight energy absorbing or blast-proof nanohybrid material in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries and high-efficiency energy harvesting nanomaterials, etc. Society has a vested interest in knowing how these new materials, devices and systems are changing the economy and similar landscapes. The book outlines the regulatory and environmental issues related to nanotechnology per industry, offers guidelines in assessing the risks and discusses the legal and socioeconomical issues involved. Case studies will be utilized to provide examples of the positive and negative impacts of nanotechnology.

  • Provides an overview and the basis for understanding the critical importance of the reactivity and efficacy of nanomaterials and the emerging role of nanotechnology in society
  • Explains the fundamentals, ethics, regulatory and environmental issues of nanosafety and how they shape the emerging nanotechnology industry and markets and includes extensive lists of glossary terms, terminologies and concepts needed for Material Data Safety Sheets
  • Discusses the relevance and specificity of nanosafety issues per industry and includes discussions on the “Homeland Security and Infrastructure Industries” of interest to society in general
  • Includes nanotechnology risk assessment and delineates and quantifies the risk assessment process for nanotechnology safety of paramount importance to most industries and systems
  • Outlines the legal and intellectual property ramifications of nanotechnology and its impact on productivity and society

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Nanotechnology Emerging Trends, Markets, and Concerns
Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Safety
Chapter 3. Safety and Ethics of Nanotechnology
Chapter 4. Regulatory and Environmental Issues of Nanotechnology Safety
Chapter 5. Nanotechnology Safety in the Automotive Industry
Chapter 6. Nanotechnology Safety in the Biomedical Industry
Chapter 7. Nanotechnology Safety in the Aerospace Industry
Chapter 8. Nanotechnology Safety in the Construction and Infrastructure Industries
Chapter 9. Food Safety Applications of Nanoparticles
Chapter 10. Nanotechnology Safety in the Energy Industry
Chapter 11. Nanotechnology Safety in the Electronics and Telecommunication Industries
Chapter 12. Nanotechnology Safety in the Marine Industry
Chapter 13. Implications of Nanotechnology Safety of Sensors on Homeland Security Industries
Chapter 14. Nanotechnology Risk Assessment
Chapter 15. Nanotechnology Safety Certification
Chapter 16. Physical and Biochemical Risk Phenomena in Nanotechnology

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Elsevier (June 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0444594388
  • ISBN-13: 978-0444594389
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